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How does Sell My Car determine the online estimate?

When you make a free car estimate you might be wondering, how does Sell My Car's estimate work? Why does it think my car is estimated at X?. So here is how it works:

Our website provides an estimated market value of your car based on industry sales data and the information you submitted online as well as a few assumptions we need to make about the car.

The amount we offer to purchase your car for is determined during the appointment. At this stage the buyer can assess the condition of the car, the service history and any additional features.

See the articles below for more information about selling your car:

For more frequently asked questions see: Sell My Car FAQ

Where are buying centres located?

Our buying centres are located right around Australia, with one in almost every capital city.

See: Sell My Car Locations.

Some of our locations are co-located on a Manheim Auction site, so if you are in the market to buy a car as well, be sure to check it out.