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*This is an estimate only based on the information entered by you, and the following assumptions about your vehicle: it has 12 month registration; it is roadworthy; it has a working odometer (which has not been replaced and has an accurate odometer reading); it has full manufacturer franchise service history and service books; it is in excellent condition; there has only been 1 owner; it is not a private import; it has never been subject to write off; it has only been used as a privately owned vehicle; it does not have personalised registration plates; it has no damage or defects (interior, exterior or mechanical) and has not been immersed in water; it has no non-factory approved parts or non-standard paint work or colouring; there are 2 sets of keys for the vehicle; if older than 7 years, the vehicle has travelled 15,000km per year; and it has not ever been used for public or private hire, rental, driving tuition or as an emergency vehicle.

This estimate is not a formal valuation, quote, or an offer. The formal valuation and offer will be provided to you at the Dealer or SMC site. It will be based on an inspection of your vehicle and may differ from the estimate provided to you on this website.

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